Managing Green Waste

Managing Green Waste Having just been told that the tidy tips are now closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and not knowing if the kerbside collections will be able to continue, there is a question of what we do with our green waste. Here are some hints and tips for how to manage your garden

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Edible Pollinating Plants

Don’t just think ornamental flowering plants when you are choosing plants to attract pollinators into your garden throughout the spring and summer. Many edible crops also depend on pollinators to transfer pollen and ensure that the plant sets fruit to make the next generation. With careful planning you could have edible crops providing pollen and

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Attracting Bees, Butterflies And Other Polllinators

‘If we and the rest of the back-boned animals were to disappear overnight, the rest of the world would get on pretty well. But if the invertebrates were to disappear, the world’s ecosystems would collapse.’ David Attenborough. Pollinators are invertebrates (animals without a backbone) that are responsible for the reproduction of flowering plants, including fruit

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