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In today’s world, we all need simple, hassle-free solutions.

I am a keen believer in getting things right - down to the last detail, so I work to a 7 stage design process which I can project monitor through to implementation to ensure that all work is completed by the landscaper right first time.

I will work with them and you to make the whole process enjoyable, easy to understand and stress-free.


Stage 1: Consultation

In the first instance, I will visit you at the site, and find out what you want from your garden, now and in the future.

We will discuss, for examplem how you want to use the garden, who will use it, what style you prefer, what colours you like, how much time you have to maintain it. Have a look at the section Information/What to consider for guidance on things to think about.

After this visit, I will send you a draft design brief which details your aspirations for the garden and specific points we have discused. I will also send you a fee proposal for the design work so that you can decide if you would like me to design your garden.


Stage 2: Survey and site analysis

The design process starts with a survey and site analysis. The survey establishes the exact measurements of the garden, the level changes, and the soil conditions. The site analysis includes a photographic record and looks at the aspect of the garden, elements in the garden to retain, views to enhance or screen etc. From these details, I will then create an accurate scaled drawing of the site which is the base on which I create the design.

At this stage, I will also discuss your requirements and ideas in more detail.


Stage 3: Design plan

The design plan will be produced to scale, on the base of the site survey, taking into account the elements of the design brief. By understanding your needs and aspirations, I aim to get the design as close as possible to your ideal garden, however, on the initial presentation of the plan we can discuss any alterations you wish to make. If the garden is large or the design brief is complex, an initial concept plan may be required prior to this stage to establish the general layout of the elements within the garden.

Once you are satisfied with all the elements and their positions in the garden, any relevant drawings and notes for the landscaper can be produced.

Construction and setting out drawings can be supplied, if required, to assist the landscaper in building the garden.


Stage 4: Planting Plan

The planting plan will show what plants will be used, quantities, and where they will be positioned and will take into account soil conditions, any preferences you have for colour, style of planting and the level of maintenance required. I will also produce a plant list for you to review, and which will be used to cost and order the plants.


Stage 5: Implementation

You can use a landscaper of your choice or I can recommend a landscaper who will build your garden to a good standard of workmanship.

I can brief the landscaper on the requirements for the garden construction on site at a time convenient to you.

You may also wish me to project monitor the construction; making site visits to inspect the work, ensuring that the garden is being built according to the plan.


Stage 6: Plant sourcing and planting

The plants are sourced from a reputable nursery and I can supply them at prices typically a third less than you would find similar sized plants at Garden Centres.

I would set out the plants in the completed garden to the required spacings and can also plant them out if required.


Stage 7: Follow up

A garden is a living entity, forever changing as time goes by. It is therefore important that you understand how you need to maintain the garden to keep it in tip-top condition.

I will prepare a written document on how to care for all the plants and maintain the garden in general, and if you require, I can visit the site at regular intervals over the subsequent few months or even years, to offer advice and recommendations.

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