Grow Your Own

Supermarket food creates a lot of greenhouse gases through agricultural practices, transport, packaging and waste. Growing your own not only means you can choose to grow organically, but also massively reduces these emissions. Even if you have not got a large plot, you can always grow small crops like salads or herbs in pots or planters. You can even help pollinators too as many crops are also food sources for them.

  • Choose what you want to grow. You may be trying to reduce your food bill, add a greater variety of flavours to your cooking or just want to be able to pick fresh food from your garden, so think about what you are trying to achieve.
  • Think about what space you have. You could use a sunny wall to grow sun-loving crops like tomatoes and cucumbers, and a partly shady spot for leafy greens or starting off seedlings. More shady spots can be used for storage, water butts or compost bins.
  • Start small and just try a couple of different crops like cut-and-come-again salads, beans and tomatoes.
  • Prevent gluts by sowing a few seeds every couple of weeks. If you do end up with more than you can eat some can be harvested as required e.g. carrots, some can be harvested and stored in a cool place e.g.  apples, others can be frozen e.g, berries.
  • Include some fruit bushes like redcurrant or gooseberry in your plot. They are usually very productive and save you money as fruit can be very expensive. Remember that you will need to cover them once they start to ripen or the birds will take them (but a clean old net curtain is just as good as a net.)
  • Add an apple or plum tree. They are great for pollinators, carbon capture and providing food. They can also be trained against a fence or wall if space is limited. Leave fallen fruit on the ground as it can be a useful food source for garden wildlife.
  • Use everything you grow. If you have a glut you can freeze many crops such as beans or berries. Alternatively offer them to friends and neighbours.

“We were really impressed with the design service offered by Jayne. Jayne was able to take our initial brief and translate this into a stunning contemporary design that really made the most of the small space we had and provided a great backdrop to our new kitchen extension. The combination of hard landscaping and planting have completely transformed the garden. Over several meetings she was able to communicate the concepts and hone the design and even sample materials. She then recommended and then liaised with the landscaper to ensure the implementation went to plan before completing the final planting.”

Mrs Fenner
Marston Moretaine

"I found Jayne to be very friendly and pleasant to work with. The design is lovely - very attractive. I was impressed with Jayne's willingness to adapt to and take account of our cost constraints and likes and dislikes regarding plants. All work was carried out efficiently and pleasantly. Jayne was always ready to discuss and advise about design and plants and has transformed a boring and rather difficult small garden into an interesting area which will only improve as the plants grow and mature."

Mr & Mrs Barwell
Welwyn Garden City

We love our garden now. Our two dogs had pretty much destroyed it and it had become an embarrassment. We never used it, not even just for ourselves. It now has structure and a proper patio area and is always good to look at even in this bleak weather!

This will be our second spring with it and I'm really looking forward to seeing everything grows again and how it will change this year.

Mr & Mrs Crooke

Jayne was always totally reliable, whether coming out to look at the garden or providing plans and ideas, and is a very knowledgeable plantswoman.

She had a good understanding of what I wanted to do with the garden, and always listened to my ideas and then made suggestions that were appropriate to the location and aspect.

Mr & Mrs Townsend
Houghton Conquest

Jayne's ideas of how to transform a long straight garden into something more interesting were quite inspirational. By introducing shape and perspective the garden now has structure.

The planting plan she suggested has added interest and constant colour which changes with the season.

Needless to say we are delighted.

Mr & Mrs Collier

We were delighted with Jayne's approach to our garden and her understanding of what we were trying to achieve.

Her knowledge of plants and what will actually work is fantastic.

Three years on we are still delighted with our garden.

Mr & Mrs Bryant

Jayne has a real passion for gardening and her knowledge of plants is highly impressive. She seems to know exactly which plant will thrive in a particular part of the garden - sunny, shady, soil type and so on. She also thinks about the proportions and overall effect.

To work with, she is extremely flexible and happy to give you just the bits of advice or help you need.

Mel Henson
Welwyn Garden City