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Art and Ornaments for Your Garden

Art and Ornament

Any garden, large or small, traditional or contemporary, can be enhanced by some form of art or ornament. It could be as simple as a decorative pot, a figure with planting around its feet, or a large bespoke sculpture.

The choice is very personal and there are so many difference styles, materials and sizes to choose from, but any piece should complement the overall feel of the garden, rather than stand out and draw all the attention.

You may find inspiration for what sort of piece you want from a place you have visited or a spiritual journey. It may be related to an interest or hobby, or a particular material.

‘Less is more’ is definitely the key when choosing ornamentation for the garden. Lots of small pieces will make the garden look too busy and the eye will jump from piece to piece. One larger, bolder piece will be more much satisfying and won’t get lost when viewed from a distance.

Different materials will give a different feel. Glass, perspex and metals can be light and reflective, whilst stone will be stronger and more dramatic.

The positioning of a piece is very important. It is often thought that a sculpture needs to be out in the open, perhaps in the middle of a lawn or terrace, but some pieces look better tucked away among planting, clear enough to be seen but secretive enough to entice you towards them, adding some drama and intrigue. It may be that the sculpture is not even seen from the house, but is a ‘surprise’ as you turn a corner of the garden. A well positioned piece may even lure you to an area of the garden where you would not otherwise go.

Sculptural pieces do not have to be expensive. There are many salvage yards where you can find unusual pieces at a good price. Garden shows, especially the RHS shows usually have lots of exhibitors with works to buy or commission. There are also several garden galleries around the country which display works by many artists e.g. The Garden Gallery in Hampshire and Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex.

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