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Arbours, Pergolas and Archways For Your Garden


Arbours, Pergolas and Archways

Arbours, pergolas and archways not only have a functional use in providing shade but they also provide a vertical interest in the garden and can look beautiful when planted with climbing plants. I particularly like to use scented climbers so that you pick up the scent as you walk through the pergola or sit under the arbour.

An arbour is an overhead structure which provides shade to a static area, such as an outdoor dining area. They can be a completely open structure or can have one or more sides filled in e.g. with trellis. They can be attached to the house or be free standing but whichever is the case they need to be integrated into the overall scheme of the garden.

A pergola is a covered walkway that provides shade over a path. They can be curved or straight and to add interest, a focal point can be added to the end of the walkway to entice you to walk through it. Pergolas can be made completely from timber, or timber cross members on stone or brick uprights. For a more Victorian style you could use a metal pergola.

Similarly, archways add vertical structure but are useful for a smaller garden as they generally only consist of two pairs of uprights and are perfect to lead one from one area of the garden to another.

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