Formal garden – Essex


The design brief for this garden was to create a formal style with areas for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.

I decided to create a main alleé to be viewed as the lounge doors were thrown open. This consists of a wide gravel path punctuated with formal box balls and which leads up to a water feature. The path continues onward and leads underneath a white painted pergola draped with grape vines. To the right of the water feature, a lavender flanked path leads to a seat surrounded by more scented planting.

Leading from the house along the left wall is an area devoted to fruit and herbs.

As well as being close to the house for ease of picking, this also offers a scented walk leading onto the evening terrace area which is surrounded by lush perennial planting and is dominated by a white summerhouse.

The rear of the garden is devoted to growing vegetables and more functional elements such as the shed and compost bins.