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 What is a Rose?

There is a large number of varieties and types of roses available all differing in structure, flower colour and scent. Some, the older garden roses have graceful habits, foliage and scent, whilst modern roses offer large and often complex flowers and a long flowering season.
Some roses only flower once in a season and some flower repeatedly, whilst some are thornless and some have an attractive scent.


How can roses be used in the garden?

Traditionally, roses have been planted together in a rose garden although there is a trend away from this.


Roses can be planted among shrubs and perennials for a more informal look.

They look good underplanted with low growing perennials like Geraniums, Violas, Alchemilla or Nepeta.


Scented roses should be used near to a doorway, path or seating area.


Climbing and rambling roses can be used to clothe walls, pergolas, arbours and arches. Ramblers are better on pergolas and arches as it is easier to tie in their more flexible shoots, whereas climbing roses can be easily trained against a wall.

Ground cover roses can be used to create a dense carpet of flowers close to the ground.


Examples of roses

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Floribunda 'Iceberg'

Rambling Rose

Rosa 'Albertine'

Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue'

Roses and Heuchera

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