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Steeply Sloping Garden
The garden before

Before/Project Brief

This was a garden to the rear and side of a new property. The garden sloped in two directions, and from the rear of the house to the end of the garden the increase in height was a massive 5 metres.
The garden was mostly unusable due to the level changes. The client wanted a larger area for a table and chairs by the house, a level lawn area, and somewhere to sit at the top of the garden which caught the evening sun.

   After    (Click on any of the images below for a larger version)
Steeply Sloping Garden After The Project
"Jayne showed great vision in coming up with a design that met all of our requirements: low maintenance, colourful and with spacious seating areas. She kept us well informed and showed tremendous enthusiasm and knowledge throughout. The final outcome was better than we could have imagined and we have already enjoyed many days in the garden enjoying the sunshine."
The Steps with herbaceous plants and small shrubs

My approach to the design was to create retaining walls with new timber sleepers with steps meandering upwards until eventually reaching the upper terrace area.

The levels needed to be calculated carefully to ensure that no wall was so high that it was oppressive, whilst limiting the amount of soil which had to be brought into or taken away from the site, working with the existing contours as much as possible

Low maintenance shrub planting is used in the more inaccessible beds with softer herbaceous plants and small shrubs in the central areas.

The finished garden is a more interesting space which can be used for relaxing and entertaining and which can be more easily maintained.
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