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Garden With
Open Views
Garden with Open Views Before  

Before/Project Brief
This was an open garden with little privacy. The design brief was to open up the space for dining but create a sense of privacy without screening the view to the rear.

  After (Some of the images below have larger versions. Click to view.)

As the clients liked the sun and did not want a covered overhead structure, I used this curved pergola draped with Wisteria and perennial sweet peas that created height and interest and provided that sense of seclusion. The pergola surrounded a part circular terrace cut into the planting area.

      To add interest to the ground surface an arc of black limestone setts finished off this circle and another swirl of setts led to the other side of the terrace.  
Garden with Open Views After Black limestone setts add interest
    This side was visible from the kitchen window and needed a point of interest, so I used a sandstone sphere water feature set in cobbles with a backdrop of a small curved box hedge to make an attractive view.  
Water Feature set in Cobbles to create a point of interest
Planting around the terrace   Planting around the garden   Planting around the terrace
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