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The Garden Before The Project  

Before/Project Brief
The design brief for this garden was to create a more interesting layout for the beds and borders, whilst retaining the view out to the distant hills and solving some key issues.

Large Country Garden After The Project     After
The starkness of the concrete side to the pond was screened by the creation of a new planting bed in front of it.
Planting around the pond
    The steep and inhospitable steep bank on the right hand side of the garden was deepened extensively and the soil heavily improved to create a gentler slope more suitable for plant life.  
"Jayne's ideas of how to transform a long straight garden into something more interesting were quite inspirational" 

The soil was heavy clay and the site was exposed to very strong winds so soil preparation and selecting the right plants for the conditions were critical in this garden.

  New planting to add interest and shape
New planting to add interest and shape
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